Aerial view of the Gold Coast showing Southport Rental Properties

Southport is a vibrant coastal suburb popular with residents and tourists alike, offering pristine parks, world-class shopping, and an exciting dining scene. With efficient public transport, excellent educational facilities, and a thriving rental investment market, Southport is the perfect choice for those seeking an idyllic lifestyle in Southeast Queensland.

In this article, we’ll explore the many features that make Southport a top choice for property investment, and how Grow&Co Property Agents–an environmentally conscious high-performance Property Management Team–can help you find eco-friendly homes that align with your sustainable living goals.

The Cecil Hotel next to Tram and Bus station in Southport.

Discover Southport: A Unique Coastal Suburb in Southeast Queensland

Located just a 9-minute drive from the world-renowned Surfers Paradise, Southport is a thriving suburb in Southeast Queensland that boasts a unique blend of urban living and rich natural beauty. This suburb offers diverse housing options, from modern apartments to spacious family homes, catering to the varying needs of renters and investors. Southport is a haven for families, singles, and retirees, offering an idyllic coastal lifestyle within a stone’s throw of the bustling Gold Coast.


Top Attractions: Unwind and Unplug in Southport’s Leisure Hotspots

Southport has no shortage of leisure options and attractions, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and social butterflies alike. Broadwater Parklands is an expansive green space perfect for picnics and family outings. Its serene atmosphere, waterfront views, and well-maintained playgrounds provide a delightful outdoor experience for all ages. Adjacent to the parklands, you’ll find the Rockpools Water Park, a fun-filled haven for children where water statues and jets offer endless hours of entertainment.

Beyond its lush parks and picturesque shoreline, Southport is also a hub for exquisite dining. With a diverse array of multicultural restaurants, foodies are spoilt for choice. Notable dining establishments include Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant, Mozzafiato at Elite, and Bunnath Kitchen. For coffee lovers, Southport boasts exceptional cafes such as Daark Espresso and Cafe Catalina, satisfying even the most discerning caffeine aficionados.


A Well-Connected Community: Schools, Hospitals, and Shopping Centres

Southport offers residents access to excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres. Top educational institutions in the area include Southport State School, Guardian Angels’ Catholic Primary School, and The Southport School—an elite private school offering world-class education from kindergarten to Year 12.

In terms of healthcare, Southport delivers a high level of medical care for residents. Gold Coast University Hospital, located a short drive away, is a state-of-the-art medical facility providing high-quality healthcare and specialist services.

Shopping enthusiasts will find everything they need in Southport, with several shopping centres providing access to groceries, fashion, dining, and entertainment options. Australia Fair Shopping Centre is a popular retail hub in the area, home to over 200 stores and various dining options.


Real Estate Growth: Southport’s Flourishing Property Market

Southport has shown a steady and promising growth in real estate, making it an attractive location for investors looking to enter the Southeast Queensland property market. Median weekly rent for Southport properties stands at $660, while 48% of the existing properties are units or apartments.

Significant growth and development in Southport, along with its desirable coastal location, make it an ideal choice for both property investment and renting. The suburb’s thriving property market shows no signs of slowing down as interest in Southport continues to rise.


Investment Opportunities: Embracing Sustainable Living in Southport

With a population of 31,901, a majority of residents (60%) are renters. The diverse housing options and promising growth prospects make Southport an appealing destination for property investors. On average, a two-bedroom house in Southport has a median price of $458k and is typically listed on the market for 52 days, while a three-bedroom property has a median price of $780k with a clearance rate of 40%.

Investing in Southport’s rental market also presents an opportunity to embrace environmentally conscious property management practices. Partnering with Grow&Co Property Agents, an expert and eco-friendly property management team, can help guide you in finding sustainable and high-quality rental properties that align with the eco-conscious values of today’s savvy renters.



Southport offers an idyllic coastal lifestyle and an expanding property market that presents excellent investment opportunities. With its diverse housing options, impressive amenities, and vibrant leisure scene, Southport continues to grow as a sought-after destination for investors and renters alike.

If you are considering investing in Southport’s rental market, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the flourishing market and embrace environmentally conscious living with Grow&Co Property Agents. Our team of property management experts will guide you in finding the ideal eco-friendly rental properties that meet your investment goals while making a positive impact on the environment. Whether you’re a property investor looking for expert management services or a tenant seeking a modern, sustainably designed home, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to begin your journey toward sustainable property investment in beautiful Southport, Southeast Queensland!

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