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Congratulations on your decision to invest in a newly built rental property!

As the owner of a brand new home, you can expect reduced ongoing maintenance costs, to achieve a premium rental return and attract the best quality tenants.

Grow&Co Property Agents specialise in the leasing and management of newly constructed homes and are here to assist you throughout the construction process and on to securing the best possible tenant within the shortest period of time.

During the construction of your property, there are many different stages that you will encounter and although this might seem daunting we are here to help.

Helping during your investment property construction

Looking at investing here in South East Queensland? Interested in finding out more about the market before investing?

Grow&Co Property Agents are local, on the ground and intimately aware of the market conditions in South East Queensland, particularly in the major growth corridors.

Understanding market conditions and the type of tenants who make up a majority of the marketplace in each area and their needs will certainly put you in the best position to maximise the return on your investment. We can provide you with detailed market information including an estimated rental return of any property that you are considering building before it has even reached the market!

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Grow&Co manage the building construction process to minimise delays and maximise your investment.

Once you have decided on the area in which you wish to invest and selected the type of home to be built, construction will typically occur over approximately 16 weeks and passes through the following stages, each of which will incur a progress payment

•   Site Preparation / Slab Stage
•   Frame Stage
•   Lock Up
•   Fitout / Fixing
•   Practical Completion
•   Handover

Grow&Co Property Agents services extend right from the very first stage.

We are local and once appointed will provide you with regular progress reports and market updates throughout construction. We maintain close and regular contact with your builder and financial planner to ensure that as soon as the property is ready for handover, there are no delays with being able to secure a tenant and start producing a return.

Furthermore, if you would like to view the home during construction, we are here to make arrangements with your builder and will accompany you onsite where possible to assist as your advocate. Best of all – these services are free of charge!

Trust our professional property management services

Practical Completion stage is the point in time at which the builder is preparing for handover.

There are a number of critical tasks that need to be completed at Practical Completion before taking handover and as your agent we are here to guide you. Our services incorporate the following;

  • Liaising with your selling agent, solicitor, banker and builder
  • Arranging and attending Practical Completion Inspections
  • Identifying and ensuring defects are remedied
  • Ensuring the home is clean, compliant and ready for occupation in accordance
    with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.
  • Arranging quotes and obtaining Landlord & Building Insurance
  • Organising professional photography
  • Advertising the home ‘for rent’ online
  • Installing lease signs
  • Client pick up and drop off (fee applicable)

Although the property will not yet be handed over and ready for inspection by prospective tenants at Practical Completion Stage, experience has shown that in order to minimize any possible vacancy period this is the ideal time for advertising to be commenced.

This allows our agency to accumulate tenant enquiry for our first round of open homes and even pre-select tenants where possible to move in as soon as key handover has taken place.

Download our investment guides below.

Our aim is to achieve the highest possible rent for your property with quality tenants

Grow& achieve high rental returns quickly

Once all practical completion stage tasks have been completed and everyone is happy, the final payment will be made.

Our agent will meet the builder on site to carry out one final visual inspection, take handover of the key pack and at the same time conduct the very first open home for tenants who have expressed interest during the lead in marketing! Prospective tenants will be able to apply for the home immediately onsite via online application or in some cases where a pre-selected tenant has been approved the lease will be secured.

Our aim is to achieve the highest possible rent for your property, within the shortest period of time and select the best quality tenants.

All new properties come with a warranty period

Keeping your investment in the best quality condition

We maintain strong and close relationships with our tenants and encourage any maintenance items to be reported immediately for prompt attention.

The first routine inspection will be carried out six weeks after the tenant has taken occupancy, not just to see how they have settled in, but to investigate the home for any teething issues or defects that need to be addressed by the builder.

Any items of maintenance identified by the tenant, or during our routine inspections will be forwarded directly to the builder ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for you.

Grow&Co property agents fully understand the unique nature of managing newly constructed homes as we are specialists in this field! Our aim is to achieve the highest possible rent for your property, within the shortest period of time and select the best quality tenants.