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Ben Jorgensen

Passionate and professional. Two simple words that describe Ben Jorgensen’s strong commitment to achieving only the best results for his clients.

Rising through the industry over the past 12 years Ben has held almost every property management position, from entry-level leasing and administration through to property manager, new business manager and most recently a team leader of a successful property management team.
Using this thorough and full understanding of all aspects relating to successfully investing in and managing property, Ben is committed to increasing his client’s wealth by providing years of accumulated knowledge and intimate local market advice. With this lengthy real estate industry background, Ben brings strong customer service skills to his clients and has been awarded on many occasions.

Ben’s role as General Manager/Business Owner allows him to provide peace of mind and market advice that makes a real and positive difference to investors. His helpful, approachable and professional nature is well received by all clients and has led to an impressive level of referral and repeat business. This part of Ben’s career gives him a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that he delivers exactly what his clients want.

Principal Licensee
Phone: 0406 507 363

Tulio Fontes

Revolutionizing Real Estate with Innovation and Excellence

Tulio Fontes is an innovative entrepreneur transforming the real estate industry with his unwavering commitment to excellence. With over a decade-long career, Tulio is a trusted expert known for delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

With a background in marketing and events management, Tulio brings a fresh perspective to real estate. His understanding of consumer behavior and ability to create engaging experiences sets him apart. Whether negotiating complex deals or securing optimal results, Tulio’s expertise is sought after and recognized as the industry standard.

As a seasoned property investor, Tulio’s comprehensive knowledge of the market ensures stress-free experiences for his clients. In 2018, he co-founded Grow&Co Property Agents, a visionary firm embodying his values. Under Tulio’s leadership, Grow&Co is synonymous with excellence and client satisfaction.

Tulio’s forward-thinking mindset and embrace of technology keep him at the forefront of the industry. He adapts to market changes, leveraging cutting-edge tools to provide a competitive edge.

Tulio Fontes is not just a director; he’s a transformative force redefining real estate. His commitment to exceptional customer experiences, innovation, and industry knowledge make him a trusted advisor.

With Tulio leading the way, the future of real estate is brighter than ever.

Phone: 0406 893 745

Unparalleled customer experience  |  Strong customer service skills  |  Intimate local market advice  |  Lengthy real estate industry background

Sales Agents

0406 893 745
Sales Agent
0452 117 981
Sales Agent
0451 983 207

Attila Cardoso

Sales Agent
0450 101 690

Patrick Donaldson

Sales Agent
0429 377 229

Karen Donaldson

Sales Agent
0426 845 074

Rodrigo Themudo

Personal Assistant to Tulio Fontes
0450 096 670

Rebecca Blewitt

Sales Assistant to Rod Arcuri
0468 344 533

Operations & Property Management

Gustavo Yoshida

National Client Manager

Jade Andrews

Assistant Property Manager

Kelly Stevens

Executive Assistant to Ben Jorgensen

Courtney Williams


Kristy Milford

Senior Property Manager

Sophie Gillespe

Property Manager

Chantelle Wostmann

Property Manager

Fernanda Oliveira

Property Manager

Customer Ambassadors

Rowell Soriano

Customer Ambassador

Louise Taruc

Customer Ambassador

Grow&Co Property Agents
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It’s not always about making money, it’s also about making memories.

At Grow&Co you will find a group of professional, community minded and passionate real estate agents who set about achieving for people the most significant transaction of their lives.
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