If you're looking to invest in real estate, Brisbane is a great option. This market presents many opportunities for investors to capitalise on attractive capital growth. We believe the city has a lot of potential to increase in value, making it a great option for those looking to invest.

That said, let’s delve deeper into Brisbane and talk about all the factors that make it a place you must consider investing in real estate:

1. Attracting Lots of People


Brisbane has seen a steady increase in its population over the last two years, making it the only Australian capital city to experience such growth. This growth has led to an increased demand for housing, which is a positive sign for investors. The increasing population should result in an appreciation of property values and higher rental returns.

2. Sydney’s Dropping, Brisbane’s Rising


The Sydney and Brisbane markets have an inverse correlation; when one goes up, the other goes down. As the Sydney market begins to level off due to rising interest rates and increased stock, Brisbane is anticipated to thrive. This trend is attributed to Sydneysiders being forced to seek more affordable housing options in Brisbane. Consequently, we can expect to see a shift in the market, with Sydney prices stabilising and Brisbane experiencing growth.

3. Affordable Lifestyle and Housing


The cost of living in Sydney and Melbourne is becoming increasingly high, so more people are moving north to Brisbane. Compared to Sydney’s median house price of over $1.6 million, Brisbane’s median house price is far lower at just over $792,000. On top of that, Brisbane is the perfect place for those wanting to keep their job and enjoy a good lifestyle. Its warm climate, welcoming culture, and strong job prospects make it a popular destination for those looking to move. This will likely create a higher demand for rental properties and more sales activity, driving the price up.

4. Record-High Rents Due to Demand


Brisbane’s rental market is booming, with vacancy rates at a 15-year low of 1.3%. This creates a positive atmosphere for investors, with the potential for a high investment return. As demand outstrips supply, tenants are competing with each other, leading to increased rent prices across the city. This is good news for investors who can be confident they will have no difficulty finding a tenant and receiving a strong rental return.

5. Upcoming Olympics Supporting Growth


The 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane is driving a lot of investment in infrastructure development, leading to increased population growth. This infrastructure includes the Cross River Rail, Queen’s Wharf, and Eagle Street development, which is helping to make Brisbane a more attractive and vibrant city. Additionally, the Olympics is giving Brisbane a lot of international recognition, which is also driving an increased demand for housing in the city.


It’s safe to assume that Brisbane will continue to thrive in the coming years. However, there are likely to be varying performance levels across different areas. Over-saturation of high-rise apartments in some suburbs might mean that they struggle to keep up with the rest. At the same time, inner-city locations with low availability and high demand will likely remain a good investment option. As such, savvy investors should focus on properties that have an attractive appeal to owner-occupiers with great rental returns to maximise their investments.

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