aerial view of a waterfront homes in Sunshine Coast.

South East Queensland (SEQ) has emerged as a property hotspot, enticing investors and homebuyers with its affordable prices, strong growth potential, and enviable lifestyle offerings.

One key factor driving this success is the region’s continual development of innovative infrastructure projects, enhancing connectivity, boosting local economies, and creating attractive employment opportunities. As a property investor or homebuyer in this flourishing region, keeping a close eye on the progress of these transformative infrastructure projects is essential to maximising long-term property value and success.

buildings near the water, in Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia.

In this comprehensive blog series, we delve into South East Queensland’s current and upcoming infrastructure projects, shining a light on the potential impact and benefits these developments may have on the property market. Ranging from transport connectivity improvements to significant commercial and residential developments, the array of infrastructure projects shaping SEQ has far-reaching implications not only for property investors but also for the broader community.

Join us as we guide you through this journey of discovery, delving into the significant infrastructure projects that will define the future landscape of SEQ and offering crucial insights into the implications of these projects for the region’s property market.

Queen's Wharf showing the constructions around the buildings.

Significant Infrastructure Projects

South East Queensland (SEQ) benefit from multiple substantial infrastructure projects over the coming years. Some of the most significant projects expected to shape SEQ’s property market and enhance the region’s liveability include:

  1. Cross River Rail: As Queensland’s largest transport infrastructure project, the Cross River Rail aims to improve connectivity across Brisbane’s rapidly growing urban population. Scheduled for completion in 2024, the rail network will create new stations and shorten travel times between SEQ’s key centres, making affected areas more attractive to property investors and homebuyers.
  2. Brisbane Metro: Set to be operational by 2023, the Brisbane Metro project entails a 21-kilometre busway designed to ease traffic congestion in the city centre, reducing bus travel times and improving the overall public transport system.
  3. Queen’s Wharf Development: Expected to open in 2022, this $3.6 billion project in Brisbane’s CBD will feature a luxury hotel and casino, residential apartments, public spaces, and a pedestrian bridge to South Bank. The development is anticipated to generate substantial tourism and job opportunities in the region, increasing the attractiveness of Brisbane’s city centre as a prime property investment destination.

cars on the M1 Pacific Motorway Highway in Queensland, Australia.

Regional Connectivity Enhancement

One of the primary objectives of SEQ’s upcoming infrastructure projects is to improve the region’s interconnectedness and accessibility. Enhanced connectivity across SEQ will be crucial for supporting the ongoing population growth and economic development, ultimately impacting property markets. Some of the key connectivity-enhancing projects include:

  1. M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrades: With several planned upgrades to the M1 Pacific Motorway, SEQ will benefit from reduced traffic congestion, improved travel times, and enhanced road safety. This project will promote urban development along the motorway corridor, improving accessibility between Gold Coast and Brisbane.
  2. Gold Coast Light Rail: The extension of the Gold Coast Light Rail to Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta Airport will further boost the transport options for residents and tourists, promoting growth in local property markets near the expanded tram network.
  3. Inland Rail: This 1,700km freight rail project will connect Melbourne to Brisbane, promoting regional development and economic growth as it improves freight transport efficiency, connecting SEQ to Australia’s supply chain.

Infrastructure Projects and Job Creation

Beyond enhancing accessibility and convenience, the forthcoming infrastructure projects are expected to generate significant job opportunities in SEQ. Job creation often increases demand for rental and residential properties, positively influencing property market performance in affected areas.

  1. Queen’s Wharf Development: Once completed, the Queen’s Wharf Development is projected to support over 8,000 jobs, creating a surge in local employment that will enhance Brisbane’s CBD attractiveness to property investors.
  2. Cross River Rail: During its construction phase, this project is anticipated to generate around 7,700 jobs, driving demand for rental accommodation in the affected suburbs.
  3. Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Airport Expansions: The expansions of both airports are expected to create thousands of jobs and promote long-term economic growth through increased tourism and business engagements. Consequently, this will affect local property markets as demand for residential and rental properties surges.

Tram stopped in one of the stations located in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

Building a Resilient SEQ

Investing in future-focused infrastructure projects is essential in creating a resilient and thriving South East Queensland for the years to come. These projects will not only improve the region’s liveability and connectivity but also prepare SEQ for sustainable long-term growth, benefiting the property sector in several ways:

  1. Urban Renewal: Infrastructure projects can pave the way for urban renewal initiatives, which enhance the attractiveness of once-underappreciated suburbs and create opportunities for property investors to capitalise on revitalised locations.
  2. Sustainable Growth: By addressing current and future challenges, including population growth, urban congestion, and shifting economic structures, SEQ’s upcoming infrastructure projects contribute to the overall sustainability of the region’s economy and property markets.
  3. Attracting Investment: Improved connectivity and facilities can attract businesses and industries to SEQ, boosting local economies and property markets as these businesses contribute to job creation and property demand.

aerial view of sunshine coast.


The various infrastructure projects planned and underway in South East Queensland are shaping a bright future for SEQ’s property market. As an investor, homebuyer, or property owner, staying informed on these crucial developments can provide valuable insights into how the region will evolve and enable strategic decision-making for long-term property success.

Engaging with experts such as Grow&Co Property Agents ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest market trends, emerging opportunities, and ongoing infrastructure projects across SEQ. As we explore the transformative projects moulding SEQ’s future, we can be confident that the region is set to experience significant growth and prosperity that supports the property market and enhances its appeal for years to come.

At Grow&Co Property Agents, our team of property management experts is committed to providing clients with comprehensive insights and advice on the property market in South East Queensland. We keep a close eye on the various infrastructure projects underway in the region, including major transport upgrades, new developments, and urban renewal initiatives. Don’t miss out on this opportunity–Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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Aerial view of the Gold Coast showing Southport Rental Properties

Southport is a vibrant coastal suburb popular with residents and tourists alike, offering pristine parks, world-class shopping, and an exciting dining scene. With efficient public transport, excellent educational facilities, and a thriving rental investment market, Southport is the perfect choice for those seeking an idyllic lifestyle in Southeast Queensland.

In this article, we’ll explore the many features that make Southport a top choice for property investment, and how Grow&Co Property Agents–an environmentally conscious high-performance Property Management Team–can help you find eco-friendly homes that align with your sustainable living goals.

The Cecil Hotel next to Tram and Bus station in Southport.

Discover Southport: A Unique Coastal Suburb in Southeast Queensland

Located just a 9-minute drive from the world-renowned Surfers Paradise, Southport is a thriving suburb in Southeast Queensland that boasts a unique blend of urban living and rich natural beauty. This suburb offers diverse housing options, from modern apartments to spacious family homes, catering to the varying needs of renters and investors. Southport is a haven for families, singles, and retirees, offering an idyllic coastal lifestyle within a stone’s throw of the bustling Gold Coast.


Top Attractions: Unwind and Unplug in Southport’s Leisure Hotspots

Southport has no shortage of leisure options and attractions, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and social butterflies alike. Broadwater Parklands is an expansive green space perfect for picnics and family outings. Its serene atmosphere, waterfront views, and well-maintained playgrounds provide a delightful outdoor experience for all ages. Adjacent to the parklands, you’ll find the Rockpools Water Park, a fun-filled haven for children where water statues and jets offer endless hours of entertainment.

Beyond its lush parks and picturesque shoreline, Southport is also a hub for exquisite dining. With a diverse array of multicultural restaurants, foodies are spoilt for choice. Notable dining establishments include Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant, Mozzafiato at Elite, and Bunnath Kitchen. For coffee lovers, Southport boasts exceptional cafes such as Daark Espresso and Cafe Catalina, satisfying even the most discerning caffeine aficionados.


A Well-Connected Community: Schools, Hospitals, and Shopping Centres

Southport offers residents access to excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres. Top educational institutions in the area include Southport State School, Guardian Angels’ Catholic Primary School, and The Southport School—an elite private school offering world-class education from kindergarten to Year 12.

In terms of healthcare, Southport delivers a high level of medical care for residents. Gold Coast University Hospital, located a short drive away, is a state-of-the-art medical facility providing high-quality healthcare and specialist services.

Shopping enthusiasts will find everything they need in Southport, with several shopping centres providing access to groceries, fashion, dining, and entertainment options. Australia Fair Shopping Centre is a popular retail hub in the area, home to over 200 stores and various dining options.


Real Estate Growth: Southport’s Flourishing Property Market

Southport has shown a steady and promising growth in real estate, making it an attractive location for investors looking to enter the Southeast Queensland property market. Median weekly rent for Southport properties stands at $660, while 48% of the existing properties are units or apartments.

Significant growth and development in Southport, along with its desirable coastal location, make it an ideal choice for both property investment and renting. The suburb’s thriving property market shows no signs of slowing down as interest in Southport continues to rise.


Investment Opportunities: Embracing Sustainable Living in Southport

With a population of 31,901, a majority of residents (60%) are renters. The diverse housing options and promising growth prospects make Southport an appealing destination for property investors. On average, a two-bedroom house in Southport has a median price of $458k and is typically listed on the market for 52 days, while a three-bedroom property has a median price of $780k with a clearance rate of 40%.

Investing in Southport’s rental market also presents an opportunity to embrace environmentally conscious property management practices. Partnering with Grow&Co Property Agents, an expert and eco-friendly property management team, can help guide you in finding sustainable and high-quality rental properties that align with the eco-conscious values of today’s savvy renters.



Southport offers an idyllic coastal lifestyle and an expanding property market that presents excellent investment opportunities. With its diverse housing options, impressive amenities, and vibrant leisure scene, Southport continues to grow as a sought-after destination for investors and renters alike.

If you are considering investing in Southport’s rental market, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the flourishing market and embrace environmentally conscious living with Grow&Co Property Agents. Our team of property management experts will guide you in finding the ideal eco-friendly rental properties that meet your investment goals while making a positive impact on the environment. Whether you’re a property investor looking for expert management services or a tenant seeking a modern, sustainably designed home, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to begin your journey toward sustainable property investment in beautiful Southport, Southeast Queensland!

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South East Queensland (SEQ) is a rapidly growing region with a flourishing property market, attracting the attention of property investors from all walks of life. Boasting a plethora of investment opportunities, ranging from residential and commercial properties to apartments and vacant land, SEQ offers something for every investor's taste and budget.

However, navigating the exciting yet complex world of property investment can be a challenging task. Having a clear understanding of the fundamentals, including proven property investment strategies, reliable tips, and essential factors to consider, is crucial to making the most of what South East Queensland’s property market has to offer.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the essentials of property investment in SEQ, providing the necessary knowledge, strategies, and tips to invest in this booming market.
Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge, experience, and tools required to make informed decisions and achieve long-term financial gains throu-gh property investment.


Understanding the SEQ Property Market

To invest wisely in South East Queensland, it’s important to have a good understanding of the region’s property market. This includes becoming familiar with current trends, market performance, and the latest developments that could affect investment outcomes. Consider the following:

  1. Demand and Supply Dynamics: Study the balance between property supply and demand in SEQ locations of interest to you. Areas with high demand yet limited supply typically offer promising growth potential.
  2. Price Trends: Assess historical and current property price trends in your chosen suburbs to identify areas with consistent price growth. Note that past performance may not always be a guarantee of future growth, but it does provide valuable context.
  3.  Population and Demographic Trends: Research shifts in population and demographics, as these can influence the type of properties in demand. For instance, areas with a growing population of young families may see increased demand for houses, while areas with an aging population may experience a rise in demand for low-maintenance dwellings.

Property Investment Strategies

Employing the right investment strategy is vital to achieving success in SEQ’s property market. Here are some common strategies to consider:

  1. Long-term Capital Growth: This strategy involves buying properties with the expectation that their value will appreciate over time. Long-term capital growth investors typically focus on quality properties in desirable locations with good fundamentals, such as proximity to amenities, schools, and public transport.
  2. Positive Cash Flow Investing: Investors adopting this strategy seek properties that generate a higher rental income than their ongoing expenses (e.g., mortgage, maintenance, and property management fees), resulting in a consistent, positive cash flow. Such properties may not experience rapid capital growth but can offer financial stability.
  3. Value-adding Renovations: This strategy entails purchasing properties at a lower price, renovating them to add value, and then selling at a higher price or renting out at a higher rental rate. Investors must carefully assess their renovation budget and potential return on investment (ROI) before proceeding.



Tips for Successful Property Investment

Here are some top tips to help you thrive in the SEQ property market:

  1. Research Thoroughly: Spend time researching the market, recent sales, rental yields, and growth potential of your chosen location. Knowledge is power in property investment, and thorough research will help you make informed decisions.
  2. Seek Professional Advice: Engage with a reputable property investment advisor or real estate agent who specialises in the SEQ market. Their experience and local knowledge can help you navigate market complexities and find promising investment opportunities.
  3. Inspect Before You Invest: Always inspect properties before purchasing. This allows you to assess their overall condition, identify any potential issues, and better understand the local environment and neighbourhood.
  4. Don’t Overcommit: Stick to a budget and avoid overcommitting financially. Make sure you can comfortably cover any unexpected expenses, such as repairs or vacancies, without jeopardising your financial stability.



Factors to Consider Before Investing

Consider the following critical factors before diving into the SEQ property market:

  1. Location: The age-old real estate mantra “location, location, location” still rings true. Choose locations with excellent access to amenities, schools, public transport, and employment opportunities.
  2. Property Type: Determine the type of property that suits your investment strategy, budget, and risk tolerance. Residential houses, apartments, and vacant land all come with varying advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Rental Demand: Consider the rental demand in your chosen location to ensure a consistent flow of income. Don’t solely rely on current rental yields; also examine historical trends and future development projects that could impact rental demand.
  4. Local Amenities: Assess the proximity of schools, parks, shopping centres, hospitals, and public transport. These amenities can increase the liveability and desirability of a suburb, enhancing its appeal to potential tenants or buyers.




South East Queensland offers a myriad of property investment opportunities, catering to various preferences and budgets. With the right knowledge, strategies, and advice, you can successfully navigate the region’s dynamic property market and achieve long-term financial success. By considering the critical factors in this guide, conducting thorough research, and staying up-to-date with market trends, you will be well-equipped to make confident and informed investment decisions. In addition, working with property agents like Grow&Co Property Agents can further strengthen your chances of success, as you gain access to local expertise, valuable insights, and industry contacts.

Remember that patience, perseverance, and a keen eye for opportunity are essential ingredients to thriving in SEQ’s property market, setting you on the path to prosperity and financial freedom.

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South East Queensland is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, pristine beaches, and bustling city centres, offering a broad range of lifestyle options for those seeking to buy, sell, or rent properties in this captivating region.

If you’re planning your next move within the SEQ property market, choosing the right suburb is crucial to ensuring you settle in a location that aligns with your unique lifestyle needs and preferences — whether it’s a laidback coastal atmosphere, family-friendly neighbourhood, or thriving urban hub. However, selecting the perfect suburb in SEQ may seem overwhelming, given the region’s vast array of diverse offerings.

In our ultimate SEQ lifestyle guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal suburb for your next home, examining essential aspects such as local amenities, access to public transport, education, recreation, and property market performance. By delving into these crucial factors, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the various SEQ suburbs, enabling you to envision and pursue your desired lifestyle through informed decision-making.

We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the vast options within South East Queensland’s enchanting property market and empowering you to take control of your lifestyle journey. Through this comprehensive lifestyle guide, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate SEQ’s diverse suburbs and make informed decisions about where to call home. So, let’s begin our exploration of the myriad experiences, communities, and opportunities awaiting you in Australia’s spectacular South East Queensland region.


Identifying Your Lifestyle Preferences

Before delving into the specifics of different South East Queensland suburbs, take the time to consider the lifestyle elements that matter most to you. Are you seeking a peaceful, rural setting or an urban, energetic atmosphere? Assess your preferences in terms of community, proximity to the city or beach, accessibility to nature, and future family plans. Envisioning your ideal lifestyle will help you narrow down the options and set the foundation for an informed decision.


Local Amenities and Infrastructure

The presence of local amenities and robust infrastructure significantly impacts the liveability of a suburb. Here are some vital aspects to consider when evaluating SEQ suburbs:

1. Shopping Centres: Whether it’s your weekly grocery shop or a day of retail therapy, proximity to shopping centres is essential. Investigate the shopping facilities available in each suburb and make note of any future retail developments.

2. Healthcare Facilities: Assess the availability of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, medical centres, and specialist clinics, to ensure you have easy access to essential services when needed.

3. Public Transport and Road Networks: Consider the suburb’s connectivity to public transport, including train stations, bus networks, and accessibility to major roads. Efficient transport links enable faster commutes and enhanced convenience.

4. Utility Services: Familiarise yourself with the utility services available in each suburb, such as water supply, electricity, gas, and telecommunications. Consistent and reliable access to these essentials bolsters a suburb’s appeal and liveability.


Education and Employment

Employment and education opportunities play a crucial role in shaping your lifestyle and prosperity. Keep these considerations in mind when exploring SEQ suburbs:

1. Schools: Investigate the primary and secondary schools within the desired suburbs, considering factors such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, and school catchment areas. A suburb with reputable schools will not only benefit families but also bolster property value and demand.

2. Higher Education: Access to higher education institutions can be critical for young adults and professionals. Consider the proximity and transport links to universities, TAFEs, and other tertiary institutions in the SEQ region.

3. Employment Opportunities: Explore the job prospects in various SEQ suburbs and corresponding industries, considering factors such as growth potential and compatibility with your skillset. A suburb with strong employment opportunities will contribute to career growth and overall satisfaction in your chosen location.


Recreation and Lifestyle

Recreation and lifestyle options contribute to the overall charm and enjoyment of a suburb. Consider the following aspects when assessing SEQ suburbs:

1. Outdoor Activities: Evaluate the availability of parks, beaches, walking tracks, and other outdoor attractions to ascertain the suburb’s alignment with your hobbies and preferences. Choose a suburb that fosters your love for nature, sports, or other outdoor leisure activities.

2. Community Events and Entertainment: Research the local community events, festivals, and entertainment offerings in each suburb, such as farmers markets, art exhibitions, or live performances. A thriving social scene can enrich your lifestyle and foster a sense of belonging within the community.

3. Dining and Nightlife: Assess the culinary and nightlife offerings in various SEQ suburbs, including the availability of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs. Select a location with dining options that cater to your taste and preferences for socialising.

4. Sports and Fitness Facilities: Availability of sports and fitness facilities, such as parks, gyms, yoga studios, and sports clubs, should factor into your decision, especially if you prioritise fitness and well-being in your lifestyle.



Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect suburb to call home in South East Queensland requires thorough research, clear preferences, and the ability to envision your ideal lifestyle. By considering the factors outlined in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to navigate SEQ’s diverse and alluring property market with confidence. Embrace the vast array of lifestyle opportunities available in this captivating region and allo+w yourself to be guided by your dreams and aspirations.

Keep in mind that aligning with a trusted and experienced real estate agency is vital to ensuring you make a well-informed decision in your property journey. As South East Queensland locals and home property agents, we are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, sharing invaluable insights and expertise to create a stress-free experience. By working together, you’re destined to find your dream home in a suburb that perfectly complements your unique lifestyle.


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